Are you a teacher, then why don’t you try out the ready-to-use education material in the Active Learning toolbox? The Active Learning toolbox contains suggestions for fun school activities based on the pedagogical principle of Active Learning. The topic is sustainable energy development. The target group is children aged 6-12 years.  

Active learning is learning by doing.
We learn more and knowledge is retained for longer if we experience things first hand and find the research fun. Ever heard of the Woolly Jumper Day? How about children writing to their head teacher to complain about his gas guzzling     car? Both are examples of children actively learning about their environment and the impact of our energy. Children are the decision-makers of tomorrow and can take an active part in their own education rather than be passive receivers of information and knowledge. Teaching children about energy efficiency and renewable energy resources can help them create the future they wish to be part of.  

What is an activity sheet?
In the Active Learning toolbox you find a set of activity sheets. They are intended for teachers and each describes an activity that can be used to meet the teaching requirements of the national curriculum among other regarding energy education. The sheets describe the activities step-by-step from planning to realisation and reflection and include hand-out materials for the pupils and references to additional education materials. You decide how much time should be used on an activity. You may just try a single activity or you may engage the entire school in an entire palette of activities. The descriptions include suggestions for variations so that the activities can easily be adjusted to fit your needs. Go to the Active Learning toolbox     

Who created the Active Learning toolbox?
The Active learning toolbox is one of the results of an exciting 3-year European project titled “Integration of Active Learning and energy monitoring with school curricula” launched in January 2006 by a consortium of 16 partners and partially financed by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme of the European Commission. To see a summary of the project please click here.

Illustration credits - The Active Learning illustrations have been prepared by Tor Jäger Illustrations (external link)
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